Reliance Nippon IPO Status: Know Reliance Nippon IPO GMP

IPO Allotment of Reliance Nippon Status

You know Reliance Nippon IPO status declared or not. To know IPO allotment status of Reliance Nippon life, subscription of Reliance Nippon, Price band, share lot, Reliance Nippon IPO allotment date, refund date, Listing date, etc.

Reliance Nippon IPO Status

Reliance Nippon IPO Information

Reliance Nippon IPO was start on 25th October, 2017 and close on 27th October, 2017. So hope today i.e 1st of November Reliance Nippon IPO status allotment will be done. The price range is between 247 to 252 per share, face value is Rs.10, The IPO size is approx 1500 crore and it will be listing on both NSE & BSE.

Reliance Nippon IPO Allotment Date

You know most probably Reliance Nippon IPO allotment will be today, i.e 1st November, 2017. So check your allotment status of Reliance Nippon online. Also if you have not allotted then the amount will be refund after the 1 day in your bank account.

Reliance Nippon IPO GMP

You know Reliance Nippon IPO GMP or Grey market price. Here we will shared information on day wise so please see it.

As on 01.11.2017 GMP  INR 58/60 Kostak INR 700
As on 30.10.2017 GMP  INR 60/62 Kostak INR 700
As on 28.10.2017 GMP  INR 59/62 Kostak INR 650
As on 27.10.2017  GMP  INR 60-62 Kostak INR 650
As on 26.10.2017 GMP INR 72-74 Kostak INR 750
As on 25.10.2017 GMP INR 81-82 Kostak INR 800
As on 19.10.2017 GMP INR 70/72 Kostak INR 700
As on 17.10.2017 GMP INR  68/70 Kostak INR 700
As on 16.10.2017 GMP INR  66/69 Kostak INR 575
As on 14.10.2017 GMP INR  69/73 Kostak INR 575
As on 13.10.2017 GMP INR  61-66, Kostak INR 575

Reliance Nippon IPO GMP with Kostak price.

Date Reliance Nippon IPO GMP Kostak price
13/10/2017 60 700
14/10/2017 620 700
16/10/2017 62 650
17/10/2017 62 650
19/10/2017 74 750
25/10/2017 82 800
26/10/2017 72 700
27/10/2017 70 700
28/10/2017 69 575
30/10/2017 73 575
1/11/2017 66 575

Conclusion of Reliance Nippon IPO Status

You know and got all the information regarding Reliance Nippon IPO status, IPO allotment status of Reliance Nippon, Reliance Nippon IPO GMP and  Kostak price day by day approx. So stay with us for latest updates!

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